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Three children's dresses

from the 1860s

Period: 1850 - 1865

These three color- and style-coordinated children's dresses were additionally ordered from the dolls museum Fischach.

Checkered patterns in all kinds of variations began to come into fashion in the 1850s – and remained fashionable until the late 60s. For this dress we chose a cotton print that repeats the colors of the green silk dress. The cut is based upon an original from the year 1869.

While the dress falls flat at the front, the skirt's width is due to the pleats at the back and to additional, stiffened underskirts. The overall cut is emphasized through antique lace trimming at front seam, hem and collar. A gold leaf brooch from the second half of the 19th century completes the dress.

Here again the fabric – cream-colored cotton batiste with antique pink, green and beige embroidery – repeats the patterns of the already created ladies' and children's dresses with slight differentiations. Flounces at collar, sleeves and hem are trimmed with tenuous French lace from the late 19th century and emphasize the materials' delicacy. The combination of dark green cotton velvet and light green silk for belt and ruffs create contrast and a severe impression. The two-piece sleeves are cut in a round shape. The dress itself is closed at the back with antique glass buttons. An original underskirt from the 19th century and an additional, stiffened underskirt are worn underneath the actual skirt. Here, too, we used a gold leaf brooch from the 19th century for adornment.

Next to checkered patterns stripes were also an inherent part of fashion during the second half of the 19th century; they naturally emphasized the sophisticated cuts.

This dress was crafted from cotton with blue-grey and antique-white stripes, which in its sole appearance already has a patina. The combination of blue and white also mirrors the sailor suit of the ensemble. Short gathered sleeves are worn over roundly cut two-piece lower sleeves. The dress itself is closed at the back with antique buttons. The precious pinafore, which was made of a combination of delicately embroidered antique tulle fabric and silk organza, complements the simplicity of the dress beautifully. A brooch repeating the stripes' color tone perfects the overall appearance.

The dresses also include three long cotton underpants with cotton lace trimming.

Price category: A (each)