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Behind “Gandiva,” there is a workshop with employees, who have a long-standing professional education. Birgit Enkirch, the founder of the company, has been intensively involved with this subject matter for more than 20 years. The motivation for this came from a “textile design” post-graduate course, in which both fine arts as well as applied arts with soft materials of all types were extensively dealt with, including historical clothing throughout history and how they are manufactured, amongst other things.

In spring 2003, an old village school was purchased in the Lüchow Dannenberg region, where there is sufficient space for working opportunities and a large amount of materials and books.


In the Lüchow-Dannnenberg region, there is one of the largest concentration of artists in Germany. Our freelancers live and work in the surrounding villages. It is therefore possible for us to sit together at the same table with our customers and the artists/craftspeople and put together historical clothing, for which all accessories are perfectly matched.
This is not obligatory of course, we are also happy to consult with our customers if accessories are already available or will be otherwise provided.

We are:

Birgit Enkirch, born in Berlin, studied painting, art history, and for her post-graduate studies,textile design,at the Berlin University of Arts. After her studies, she worked for many years as a freelance painter before she began working as a costume designer, and in 2000 she founded her company for the production of historical costumes.
In her personal life, she is committed to animal rights and welfare, she is a passionate reader, and she collects well-illustrated children’s books.


Helga Schumann, born in Leipzig, lives and works in Utrecht (Holland) as well as in Lüchow-Dannenberg since 2009. She studied art in Berlin as well as graphic design at the Royal Academy in Amsterdam and is professionally trained in old styles of dressmaking and seam stressing.
She works as a set designer for theatre, as well as in the field of textile design for fine arts. She is now practicing her career with great enthusiasm, which previously took second place to being a mother of four now-adult children.
She also works in her garden and enjoys the peacefulness of the country with the same enthusiasm.



Burgy Klein, born in Hannover, initially trained as a hat maker as was the family tradition, then later studied art history and art education, and has now once again returned to hats with a passion. In her free time she visits large art exhibitions in Europe and devotes herself to her three goats, four cats, and two chickens.